Irish multi-disciplinary artist and art director Aoife Dunne (b.1995) spellbinds domestic and international spectators with her unmistakable, more-is-more, futuristic aesthetic.

A fearless purveyor of fusing all manner of creative mediums, her continent-crossing works submerge audiences into phantasmagorical, detail-driven worlds. Aoife’s imaginative compositions are a product of accumulating, arranging, reusing and reworking layers of visual material. The result is a mechanism providing transcendence of the boundaries separating virtual worlds from the physical one, creating a hyperbolic experience. TRANZEMOREX, an open-air digital installation staged at Gallery EP7 Paris, proves no exception; championing Dunne’s signature blend of boundless creativity. Audiences boasting maximalist tastes will relish this visual cornucopia.


This work is kindly supported by Culture Ireland & Fingal County Council.

Words Amelia O'Mahony Brady


Instagram @efadone