Sandy Hsu is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and multidisciplinary artist.

She creates a lyrical world that is articulate, brutally honest, and almost intrusive to listen to. A collection of vivid story telling, her music is saturated with earnest nostalgia, raw sentiments and self-awareness. She is drawn to song-writing through it’s ability to capture fleeting moments in life and immortalise them forever. These personal insights, woven within expansive ambient landscapes and pop melodies have the ability to sound like a dream yet feel like a harsh awakening.

Enamoured by the raw potential of the human voice, she believes that singing is a form of expression that comes closest to being one of the most genuine representations of pure human emotion and feeling. Her work details strongly around femininity, identity, youth, the human condition and the mundanities of real life.

With a keen and natural inclination towards creativity from a young age, she had an untameable desire to envelope herself with music and art. Driven by a Sagittarian ambition, by the age of 17 Sandy had already released two EPs, ‘Sandy’ (2013) and ‘Suburbia’ (2015). Although originally intended only to be released as part her VCE visual art final — a visually and sonically cohesive, immersive life-sized installation that was inspired by teenage bedrooms — ‘Suburbia’ was shortlisted for TopArts Class of 2016, and exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria (Ian Potter Centre). In 2016, Sandy’s distinctive style caught the attention of youth-led record label, Decibels Records. She worked on her follow up record ‘Savage Youth’ (2016), further developing her intuitive storytelling skills and enhanced her musical stylings with live and electronic elements, written and produced by herself.

A recent graduate from The Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) in Interactive Composition, Sandy has stayed inspired and has since released a new single titled ‘Limbo’ (2019). To her, music is particularly special because it has the ability to be the mediator for other art forms — such as visual art, fashion, and live performance. She has just supported serpentwithfeet (USA) and imbi the girl (AU) for both of their sold-out shows at The Workers Club (MEL). The ultimate dream is to use the arts as an ongoing platform for unadulterated self-expression.


Change is one of the most daunting experiences we could go through in life. In the past few years, Sandy Hsu has gone through major transitions in her life where she’s had to embrace significant changes – mentally, emotionally, and environmentally. In her second single, ‘Angel Energy’ (which hit #3 on AMRAP’s Metro Charts), Sandy continues to share the revelations she’s made by embracing change specifically through learning, growing, and loving.

Sandy’s first single, ‘Limbo’ was an invitation to listeners to move beyond their personal understanding of the self and to soak in the infinite possibilities of life as intimidating as it may feel. ‘Angel Energy’ serves as a continuation of that narrative where she shares how she has embraced change in a positive light:

“I wanted to be better and I was inspired by the people close to me. I realised that I didn’t have to know everything, but I was always certain of my emotions - and they were somewhat positive at the time, which was different for me, but exciting. That was a change in how I felt, and change can be unpredictable, therefore scary but in my case rather good.”

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 1.06.37 am.jpg

Composing music since she was in her teens, Sandy had no troubles employing music as an outlet for her angst and frustration. Much like the changes she has embraced, this single takes a directional shift whereby the inspiration behind this song is based on the people around her who she found inspiring and the aura they emitted, which she describes as angel energy.

“I was comfortable with writing songs about neurosis and angst… Until I realised one day that I was quite exhausted by my own neurosis. I was in awe of the people in my life, I felt love, and I was learning new things about myself every day. When you’re younger you think the world’s out to get you, so you’re clever and your guard is up. One day I just realised that I knew nothing about anything and that was totally… fine. It’s so cool to not know, and to want to learn, and grow, and to love and give permission to yourself to seek joy. I’m still learning now, but it was a very cool revelation.”

This single is a reminder that change can be a beautiful, transformative experience if we choose to focus on love and support.

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Want to Sandy live? Dates are below!

31 July 2019 - Support for Gena Rose Bruce for her album launch at Northcote Social, Melbourne

17 August 2019 - Main support for Rainbow Chan’s Melbourne Headline show at Horse Bazaar, Melbourne


Directed by Maddie Mytkowski

Co-directed by Sandy Hsu

Shot by Nissa Mitchell

Edited by Sandy Hsu

Sandy, Sharon and Danielle wear dresses by Betty Liu

Styled by Tuan Pham and Sandy Hsu


Danielle Zhang

Deeksha Koul

Ella King

Erin McCubbery

Georgia Ketles

Hannah McKittrick

Selena Repanis

Sharon Li


Betty Liu

Zen Lim

Jac Meddings - Photographer