Fashion Film x Allegra Cook - shot and Directed by Paul Johnson .

I know I felt like this before

But now I'm feeling it even more

Because it came from you

Then I open up and see

The person falling here is me...

Team Credits: Shot and Directed by Paul Johnson @paul_johnson_shots • Art Direction by Luna Loreti @lunettaelle • Model - Allegra Cook @the_allegra

Special thanks to... Rough Trade @roughtradeeast Keeka Sports @keekasports Smoking Gun Vintage @smokinggunvintage James Cara @jamescara_ Music : "Dreams" - The Cranberries (For non-profit use) Shot on the GH5 across Brick Lane.

追寻时间 - Chasing Time Directed and shot by Paul Johnson Written by and Starring Shaoqi Hu Chinese Version:

My watch stopped ticking when I first met him. And I knew this was going to end badly for someone. Am I crazy? How can I be so obsessed with “love” when all I'm doing is fooling around? Perhaps I have just lost myself. You know, no one is perfect. But every new encounter is beautiful, fresh. Because of the imperfections of human beings, I know I would just retreat before we see each others’ flaws. Then go forward to look for the next beginning. The ironic thing is, I start to fear new beginnings. 第一次见面, 手表的停止, 我与他之间就注定没完没了。 我真的疯了吧? 我怎会如此对“爱情”痴迷? 也许我只是迷失了自己。 你知道, 人都是不完美的。 可每一个遇见, 都是美丽的,新鲜的。 正因为深知人类的不完美, 所以我知道每认识一个人, 都应该在双方缺点显现之前远离,撤退。 然后继续去寻找下一段的开始。 可笑的是, 我连开始都开始恐惧。

Team Credits: Paul Johnson @paul_johnson_shots , Shaoqi Hu @shaoqi_hu 

Shot in London on the Panasonic GH5


Behind the scenes of the editorial inspired by the colours & shapes of the life on the reefs and the pollutions that endangers it.

Photographer: Donatella Parisini • MUA & Retoucher: Elvis Schmoulianoff • Model": Duchess Dank

Behind the Scenes videos courtesy of Duchess Dank


Fashions Favourite Father Gives Birth to its 3rd Bastard Child
As submissive Sydney succumbs to the embarrassing silence of its dying night life a neon
crack in the cultural pressure valve has started lighting the way for an intimidating new
voice. The voice emanates from a dark and incredibly exclusive fashion label. The voice is
Father Superior.
Father Superior is a direct retaliation to fast fashion. An infallible infusion of upcycling
carefully selected garments with the best artists producing wearable art. Resulting in
an intriguing experience of fierce hand painted jackets that demands an owner of
confidence and acknowledges the desire from its ever-growing audience.
“Sooner or later, one way or the other, everybody carries a monster on their back”

-Father Superior

Every item is a one-off piece of art. Guest artists rotate annually and the elusive label only
releases a maximum of 20 jackets a year. Guest artist associates names dropped include
Ben Eine (UK), Anthony Lister (SYD), Porous Walker (US) and fresh from 2018 Milan Fashion
Week collaboration with Moschinos Jeremy Scott - Ben Frost (MEL).
This third collection confirms Father Superior’s journey to the top is well under way.
Supported by familiar names such as The Cure, Ruby Rose, Sticky Fingers, and the Veronicas.


A fashion feature film by Nicole Fang

“Paradiso represents the moments attributed to an Australian Summer: Fun, Romance and Reflection.                It is the hazy afternoons lulled away with heavily scented flowers and a befitting shade of red for the lips. The wind that plays with your hair and the sun that reminds you of its presence with the freckles on your skin." 






TEAM CREDITS: Creative Direction, Photographer: Nicole Fang • Production Assistant: Amanda Fang • HMUA: Amanda Hickey • Model: Megan Lu • Special Thanks to Cecile Swim & Alix Yang