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Debbies Grahl is a visual artist, award winning muralist and 2D animator born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She grew up surrounded by painting materials and pastels from her mum who is also an artist, which had a major impact on her as a kid. In her teenage years, she felt the need to see her artworks on a larger scale, that’s when she started painting on the streets and became one of the first female graffiti artists of her city. Not long after that, she got involved with tattoo art and this combination really shaped her style as a young artist.

“On my works, I often depict a whimsical, nostalgic and magical world populated by cute, dreamy and empowered women along with other creatures. I work predominantly in the medium of acrylic painting, watercolours and digital art, but mural art is also one of my passions! My style comes from a wide combination of influences... I’ve always been crazy about Japan and their kawaii culture and fashion, bold and striking outlines and colours were always my thing. I’m also just a “little bit” obsessed with vintage dolls, especially Kewpies, I really have a thing for kitsch aesthetic. I’m also a 2D animator, so another great influence for me is animated cartoons, preferably from 30’s and 90’s like the good old Disney classics such as ‘Silly Symphony’ series and some stupid-genius ones like ‘Ren&Stimpy’, ‘The Rugrats’ and ‘Cow and Chicken’.

In 2012 I moved to Australia to start fresh with my husband and I found myself in the best place I could ever wish for to start a family. I’ve always dreamed about being a mum, and after my daughter was born in 2016, I kind of felt the need to reinvent myself as an artist. Motherhood gave me a whole new perspective of life and my inspirations now have a whole different meaning to me. I currently live in Sydney, Australia, where I work from my home studio and look after my little girl Joanna.”

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